Not long ago when I started promoting my solo metal band Autumns Eyes, one of the first promotional ideas I had was to design merchandise for the band. Being a huge heavy metal fan, I loved to show my support for the bands I supported by wearing their clothing. So I decided to do the same for Autumns Eyes, even if I didn’t have much exposure to begin with.

After teaching myself to build a website, I needed a way to display the clothes that would be selling on the site. Right off the bat there was no way I was going to model the clothes, as I wanted to attract people to the site and not drive them away with my ugly mug plastered all over the place. The idea came about to hire some good looking girls to model the clothing and hopefully draw more attention to the site. The clothing was payed for out of my own pocket and was sent to the girls who would then take photos on their own terms to be featured on the site. The clothing wasn’t anything special, but the girls definitely made them look worth much more than they actually were.

Once the photos were posted online the visitor count skyrocketed. The girls were gaining more attention and so was Autumns Eyes. Since it was going so well I decided to find another group of models to add on the site. I started thinking that they should all have a catchy name to refer them by as a group. Something that would associate them with Autumns Eyes, but with a unique twist that would separate the two. A friend of mine came up with an obvious play on words by calling them Autumns Eves. It fit perfectly with the brand, and since most everyone knows the reference to Adam and Eve, it all worked out perfectly.

I created a separate website for the merchandise and models under the name Autumns Eves, which was now the official online store for all Autumns Eyes merchandise. Not only were people visiting the site to purchase clothing, music, and posters, but also to keep up with the new models that were showing up on a regular basis. Each one of the girls have a unique style and vision all their own and I didn’t just hire them on good looks alone, but because they are amazing people who I completely respect.

Having a music project like this requires an ever expanding fan base to keep the wheels in motion so to speak. The Autumns Eves girls make that possible every day by attracting more and more fans to the site, and for that I am forever indebted to them.